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This self assessment will indicate to you your eligibility to undertake Recognition of Prior Learning in MILADC003, Compensation Advocate Level 3.

The first 5 sections refer to the eligibility requirements and an indication of the evidence you must be able to produce in order to satisfy an assessment. The Knowledge section contains 5 questions which are indicative of the sort of knowledge you must be able to demonstrate.

Recent TIP training

When did you last undertake a TIP refresher course at level 3?

a) Within the last 3 years

b) Within the last 5 years

c) More than 5 years ago

d) Have never done a TIP level 3 refresher course

Recent interviews

How many initial interviews have you conducted with clients in respect to an appeal to the VRB in the past 2 years?

a) Have not conducted any initial interviews

b) One

c) Two

d) More than two

Recent appeals

Have you submitted, and had an appeal heard by a full sitting of the VRB in the last 5 years?

How many VEA appeals have you submitted to the VRB in tha past 2 years? These may have been determined by ADR or may be pending.

a) One

b) Two

c) More than 2

d) none

How many MRCA appeals have you submitted to the VRB in tha past 2 years? These may have been determined by ADR or may be pending?

a) One

b) Two

c) More than 2

d) none


Are you able to provide to an assessor, case files for one VEA appeal and one MRCA appeal, which indicate you were primarily responsible for the preparation and lodgement of the appeal, as well as the advocate who argued the contention?

You and your ESO

Do you hold an authority to provide advocacy services on behalf of a recognised Ex-Service Organisation? You will be required to present this at assessment along with the other evidence.

Are you able to describe your organisation's record keeping requirements and processes?

Does your ESO charge clients for advocacy services?


Can an appeal against a decision under DRCA be submitted to the VRB for review?

When an appeal is lodged under the VEA, who is responsible for the preparation of a section 137 report?

a) the delegate who made the decision

b) a review delegate who was not involved in the decision

c) the Departmental Secretary

d) the advocate who submitted the appeal

A request for reconsideration of a primary decision under the DRCA would be submitted to

a) Comcare

b) The Veterans’ Review Board (VRB)

c) The DRCA Reconsideration Board (DRB)

d) The Department of Veterans’ Affairs

A request for reconsideration of a MRCA primary decision under s. 349 of the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act [2004] can be initiated by

a) The Chief of the Defence Force

b) A veterans’ widow or widower or a dependant of the deceased veteran

c) A Service Chief (Chief of Navy, Army or Air Force)

d) An ATDP accredited or TIP trained Level 3 advocate

A request for reconsideration (or review) under s.31 of the Veteran’s Entitlements Act [1986]

a) Must be complied with by the Commission within 28 days

b) Should only be made if the veteran dies from the Rejected Disability

c) May be conducted by the Commission if an application for review has been made to the VRB

d) Should only be made if there is new evidence

Submit responses and get result of the self assessment

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on a level 3 RPL program, enter the details on the form below and submit it to ATDP. You will receive a response by email if eligibility is established.