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Compensation Advocate Level 1


This Unit of Competency is the first part of a training program which is designed to provide a new entrant into Compensation Advocacy training with the skills and knowledge to be able to complete a primary claim under any of the Acts governing military rehabilitation and compensation, while under the supervision of a more experienced advocate.

The training pathway consists of a number of components, all of which must be satisfactorily completed before a Level 1 certificate can be issued.

During the whole training process, the candidate must have a mentor and an on-the-job overseer to assist them in skills development. (The mentor and the overseer may be the same person.)

The training pathway assumes the candidates gain their knowledge and skills on the basis of 10% (from formal training), 20% (from mentors) and 70% from on-the-job involvement.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway is available to people who have previous training under the Training and Information Program (TIP) and who have been practising at level 1. What is RPL?


Applicants for this Unit of Competency must have
  • a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This can be obtained by clicking here

  • been selected and sponsored by a valid ex-service organisation using the selection guidelines.

  • a desire to acquire and continually improve their skills over time.

  • All level Level 1 learning components must be completed in order to complete the Unit of Competency. There are also a number of pre-requisite components to be undertaken prior to attending the Level 1 consolidation unit which is an attendance unit.


    Trainees will be required to keep a logbook of on-the-job experience which will be used as part of the evidence for inferring competence.

    Mentors and assessors will report on a candidate`s progress through a portal on the ATDP website.

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