Advocacy Training & Development Program


ATDP is now accepting applications for the following units of competency:

Compensation Advocate Level 1
Welfare Advocate Level 1

Already a level 2 practitioner or Level 3 or 4 TIP trained advocate? Click here to express an interest in undertaking RPL at level 2 (includes mentor training).


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Volunteers are wanted for two ATDP roles:

  1. Membership of the Capability Framework Management Group (CFMG), two positions.
  2. Regional Manager, Regional Implementation Group 1, QLD & NT (will also be a member of the CFMG)

The closing date is 22 October 2017.

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ATDP attendance programs by invitation
24/10/2017 - Geelong - RPL 2 and mentoring
25/10/2017 - Brisbane - Consolidation L1 Compensation
30/10/2017 - Perth - RPL 2 and mentoring
01/11/2017 - Perth - Special program
16/11/2017 - Brisbane - RPL 2 and mentoring
23/11/2017 - Brisbane - RPL 2 and mentoring
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Suggested ESO Authority for an Advocate

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ATDP Information Sessions
23/10/2017 – Hobart, Tas
24/10/2017 – Ulverstone, Tas
25/10/2017 – Launceston, Tas
If you would like to attend one of these Information Session, contact the Admin Officer for the relevant state. You can find their details here: Contact us