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Expression of interest to undertake Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Mentor Training

Before you complete this form, please ensure you have authorisation to do this training from your ESO’s president, secretary or other office holder, and you have their email address and phone number handy. You will also need to know if your ESO can meet your travel expenses.

The expression of interest is to undertake Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) at ATDP level 2 in the stream selected. Level 3 and 4 advocates should also apply for RPL at level 2 however they will be invited to undergo RPL to higher levels during 2017/18.

Level 3 & 4 RPL will only be available to those who have been accredited at level 2.

Those who have been nominated to mentor others have priority for level 2 RPL and mentoring training.

Details of the person to undergo RPL and mentor training.

Title Surname Given name you prefer to be called

Mobile email address

Do you wish to undergo both RPL and mentor training or RPL only ("RPL only" programs to be conducted late in 2017 and early 2018)

Stream in which you wish to undergo RPL - Compensation/Claims , Welfare or both

Highest level of TIP training in this stream

Nearest large centre in which you would be able to attend training and RPL

How many TIP trainees have you previously mentored or are currently mentoring?

Are you prepared to mentor trainees in other ESOs?

Your Unique Student Identifier (USI) Get a USI here if you don't already have one.

Details of your ex-service organisation.

ESO which authorises you to practise as an advocate sub-Branch &tc

Annual claims case load for your ESO if you are undertaking RPL as a compensation advocate

Does your ESO have an affiliation with a Veteran Centre or Community of Practise? If so which one?

Name and contact details for a person in your ESO who can authorise your application

Title Surname Given name authorising officer prefers to be called

Position of authorising officer in the ESO

email address Phone or mobile number

The ESO has the ability to meet the costs of the nominee's attendance?