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Select or enter a new parent Ex Service Organisation

Select an existing Ex Service organisation
  • If you are registering a veteran centre which is supported by multiple ESOs select Veteran Centre (Multi-ESO).
  • If your organisation is an un-aligned veteran centre select Veteran Centre (un-aligned)
or add a new parent ESO

Common abbreviation

A parent ESO must be a bona fide national ESO which

  • performs the functions of an effective national representative body;
  • has direct links to the ex-service community; and
  • has objectives that aim to benefit the welfare of its members.

Details of your local, bona fide ESO

    A Bona Fide ESO:
  • has a membership which consists primarily of veterans, past and present members of the ADF and/or their dependents.
  • is established primarily to provide welfare assistance to veterans, past and present members of the ADF and/or their dependants.
  • does not operate as a business or charge any fee for acting on behalf of the veterans, past and present members of the ADF and /or their dependants in the provision of claims or welfare services
State or territory in which your sub-branch is located
Name of veteran centre and/or the suburb in which a sub-Branch is located
Physical address at which a veteran may attend for assistance
Postal address to which correspondence may be sent
Email address at which an appointment with an advocate may be made.
Phone number which clients may ring for an appointment

Authorised person who will maintain details & submit

Name of an authorised person who will maintain the ESO details on this site.
Position held by the authorised person
Mobile phone number to receive access codes.
Email address for the authorised person
Declaration and subbmission of form.
I, the authorised person named above, declare that the details shown above are, to the best of my belief, truthful and accurate.